XtraBlueTM/MC Advantage® Products

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC XtraBlueTM/MC products provide various benefits such as multifunctionality and crystal clear pool water. Included in the XtraBlueTM/MC product line are sanitizers and shock to control or kill algae/bacteria in pool water.

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC XtraBlueTM/MC 3" Long-Lasting Chlorinating Pucks

This multifunctional sanitizer controls and kills bacteria and algae in swimming pool water, with a built-in metal stain inhibitor, scale preventative and water softener.

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC XtraBlueTM/MC Chlorinating Granules

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC XtraBlueTM/MC Chlorinating Granules kill bacteria and unsightly algae.

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC ShockXtra BlueTM/MC

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC ShockXtra BlueTM/MC is a multifunctional shock in an easy open, easy pour bottle. This 6 in 1 formula creates brilliantly clear water; destroys organic contaminants such as body oils, sweat and lotions; reduces eye irritation due to combined chlorine in swimming pool water; destroys chlorine odour; doesn’t impact pH; and improves filter performance.

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Algaecide XtraBlueTM/MC

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Algaecide XtraBlueTM/MC is effective at killing and controlling algae in swimming pool water. It is especially recommended to kill and prevent green, mustard and black algae, providing results in 24 hours.