Cloudy Water

Dull, hazy, cloudy water is not only unsightly but usually indicates a problem. It can be the result of improper balance, poor filtration or an influx of contaminants.

Fix Cloudy Water

Your solution depends on what may be causing the problem.

Unbalanced Water

High pH or low chlorine levels are among the most common reasons pool water may cloud.

  1. Test water to determine if these parameters are in range and adjust as needed.
  2. Start seeing results in 24 hours.

Poor Filtration

  1. Backwash filter or chemically clean filter media.
  2. Empty any debris in the skimmer basket that may be clogging water flow.

Influx of Contaminants

Debris and contaminants enter pool water by wind, heavy use and rain. It may cloud the water or strain the pool’s system.

  1. Empty skimmer basket.
  2. Skim or vacuum debris from water.
  3. Apply a clarifier to improve filtration.
  4. Shock water to remove swimmer contaminants.

Prevent Cloudy Water

A few simple steps will help keep water clear all season long.

  1. Run the pump for at least 8 hours a day.
  2. Always maintain balanced pH (7.2-7.6) and Free Chlorine (1-4 ppm).
  3. Shock water weekly and after parties, rainstorms and high temperatures.
  4. Chemically clean the filter at pool opening and mid-season.
  5. Ensure jets are pointed down so water is circulating properly.