Algae Growth

Algae enters pool water by wind or on debris, equipment and even bathing suits.

Visible algae growth can be caused by low to no chlorine, heavy rain, high heat and dirty surfaces.

Pool Algae Types


Green algae

The most common form of algae and the easiest to prevent. It is usually free floating and may tint water green.

Mustard algae

Cling to surfaces and look like yellow or brown dust or slime. They may be resistant to chlorine. 

Black algae

Very stubborn algae that attaches firmly to surfaces and forms a protective crust. Brushing is critical to remove it.

Killing Algae:

  1. Identify the type of algae and select the right Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Algaecide.
  2. Add a chlorine shock as per use directions.
  3. Brush surfaces where algae have grown.
  4. Add the algaecide as per use directions.
  5. Then vacuum or backwash the pool filter to remove the dead algae.

Preventing Algae:

It is much easier to prevent algae growth than to get rid of it. Follow these simple steps to prevent algae growth.

  1. Test and adjust pH and chlorine levels frequently to keep your pool balanced.
  2. Brush pool surfaces weekly to remove any algae that may be clinging to them.
  3. Shock regularly to maintain chlorine and get rid of contaminants.
  4. Add a preventative algaecide weekly to help prevent algae growth.